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Finding your story in Hoi An

One thing you may never think of doing on a holiday is creative writing. Such an old practice these days, however if you get to explore the skills within an inspiring writers group, you may well find more than your own story. Maybe it will be a story you'd like to tell! If you are lucky you may find some new friends and a different way to view life’s experiences in a very soulful and supportive environment.

During one of my trips to Hoi An I was lucky enough to discover Kerstin Pilz’s Writers Group, which she facilitates throughout the summer months. An experienced English Literature teacher, Yoga teacher and author herself, she has a lot offer her students who join her for a session at Nomad Yoga.

One very unique session she offers is the art of meditation to bring out the words you want to write about. This is facilitated through deep explorations of your thoughts during the practice of yoga, opening chakra’s and live singing bowl meditation.

Finding your story in Hoi An

In Kerstin’s words:-

“Come home to yourself and connect deeply with your mind, body and soul in a unique 3-hour workshop that combines Yin Yoga, live singing bowl meditations and creative journal writing.”

“Reflect on your journey through life and find clarity and new intention with meditative free writing to guided writing prompts. Reflective creative writing will make you aware of the questions you carry and connect you to your own inner wisdom to find the answers you seek.”

“Release physical and emotional blockages with Yin Yoga. Find stillness in long-held floor poses that energise the deep tissues of the body.”

“Think of it as taking your soul to the spa! It's deeply nourishing for your entire being.”

Hoi An 3 hour writing workshop
Hoi An 3 hour writing workshop

For questions and to book contact Kerstin directly (kerstin@writeyourjourney.com) or contact Nomad Yoga.

Extra information for the soulful:


Kerstin's classes and Singing Bowl Meditation sessions are run at different times of the year so please contact her directly to check times and dates or talk to us about booking in something special for your group.

Photo credit: Writeyourjourney.com. Thank you.

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