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Chef Duyen’s Cooking class and Market Tours

A TRULY LOCAL EXPERIENCE with chef in own home


English and Vietnamese Speaking

This is the chance to learn how to cook famous Vietnamese dishes with a fully trained Chef in the comfort of her own home. In my experience this is a truly a unique way to get to know how Vietnamese live in today’s world, and how their food is a big part of their culture, family life and social upbringing.

You should try all kinds of cooking classes in Vietnam, however what makes this a stand out, is that the chef welcomes you into her own home to get to a feel for what family life is really like. You will never get that from a restaurant lesson, so consider this a real treat.

Chef Duyen adds her own warm and friendly personality to this experience which when you hear about her history you will be amazed at her journey as a young mother, trainee chef  and business owner. I did this tour with her in 2018 and can speak highly of her character, warmth and knowledge of Vietnamese cooking. You will learn a lot, so be prepared for a fun day of learning. You can also hear her and I chat about the 5 main dishes in Hanoi on this YOU TUBE Video HERE.

Food brings people together and is central to family life. In this experience you can choose the best tour that suits your time frame and food interest. If you have any particular food allergies or intolerances Chef Duyen can accommodate these if you can advise her when you book.

This is a fun activity for the whole family including kids as they will enjoy the fun of making food like they have never tasted before.



$45 USD per person

includes class & market tour, ingredients, recipes, drink & hotel pickup

🍀🍀🍀 Duration 3-4 hours from 9am to 1pm

🍀🍀🍀 Your chef and tour guide for this experience is Chef Duyen who will pick you up from your hotel then take you to visit the local market and show you around her own neighbourhood. You will get the chance to meet local people and enjoy local activities within a friendly neighbourhood setting.

You will experience cooking & eating outside people’s houses and watch how produce is sold at local markets. Because the Chef has good English speaking skills the Chef will explain to you about the Vietnam vegetables / herbs and ingredients Vietnamese used for cooking.

Then, the thing that makes this extra special, is Chef Duyen invites you to her home which is not so far from a famous Long Biên bridge & the local market . It is here you will get to experience a very homely  ‘hands on’ cooking class facilitated by Chef Duyen.

You will learnhow to make some of these local delicacies. You will find out more about Vietnamese cuisine and experience the flavours and tastes all the foods after chef duyen show you how to you did in the class and enjoy with beer for yourself in the comfortable home of local Hanoian,

🍀🍀🍀 Menu choices:

Dishes from my Countryside:

• Caramel Pork

• Banana Flower Salad with Chicken

• Fried Spring Rolls

• Dipping Sauce

• Sweet Coconut Soup with Taro (Che)

Hanoi Favourites:

• West Lake Prawn Cakes

• Green Papaya Salad

• Bun Cha

• Dipping Sauce with Pickles

• Pho Cuon

• Sweet Coconut Soup with Corn, Jackfruit &Taro (Che)

Vietnamese Vegan Dishes:

• Tofu Pillows in Tomato Sauce

• Banana Flower Salad

• Vegeatrian beef noodle soup ( Pho bò chay )

• Vegetarian Fried Spring Rolls

• Vegan Dipping Sauce



$65USD per person

includes hotel pickup, taxis, street food tasting, coffee & water

Please note: 4am pick up /return to hotel approx. 8am, or as negotiated

Of special interest to chefs, foodies, photographers as well as foreigners living in Hanoi – a night tour, for night owls or early risers only. Visit the chaotic wholesale market, where stallholders from wet markets, restaurants and other businesses stock up for the day. Fruit and vegetables come in from provinces all over Vietnam and from China, arriving in trucks from 1am. Meat, poultry and seafood comes in around 4am.

It’s a tough place to work and the alleyways are narrow and full of people busy earning their livelihoods. Many workers are from poor rural areas and send money home to their families. It is a very different experience to a local wet market. Visitors need to be aware this is a place of business, it’s not for the faint hearted. From the wholesale market you also visit a local market and the spice market at Cho Dong Xuan, coffee and several street food venues, tasting the dishes and learning about their history, from market to plate



$65USD per person 

from 5pm to 9 _ 9.30pm  (approximately  4 hours )

🍀🍀🍀 includes hotel pickup, cooking class demonstration, street food + 9 different tastings  / wholesale market experience

🍀🍀🍀 Chef Duyen will pick you up from your hotel then you come to her own home for the cooking demonstration of Vietnamese food ( Green papaya salad with dried beef and bbq pork with lemongrass skewers ) and testing ( or tasting) Vietnamese Rice Wine soaked fruits by chef Duyen 😊 then she will take you through the backstreets to places known by locals,+ 9 different tastings and learning about lots of different food and how it is connected to Vietnam’s culture.

For more information or to book click here

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The insights that come from your Host Chef Duyen and food

With Chef Duyen you will get to explore the more popular streets with locals, which have that very buzz of activity that Hanoi is renowned for.

You will get to visit the Long Bien market to see the atmosphere of daily life, and how the locals work hard at the night market. This is a big market supporting all the farmers in Vietnam from the south and the north of Vietnam, with exported fruits, flowers and locally grown product. It’s a hub of activity so make sure to bring your camera.

For Bookings and more information - 

Contact What About Vietnam here


Contact Chef Duyen - whatssap ( +84 ) 0387 941 73

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