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Trip planning & Design Services

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with Kerry Newsome

Trip planning and itinerary design services provided by What About Vietnam Travel Expert - Kerry Newsome

The best travel plans need to be well thought out and NOT one size fits all. If you are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed and confused by so many websites and tours out there, stop here and consider designing your own tour with my help.


At What About Vietnam we recognize the importance of trip planning and design. You will have heard from Kerry many times during her shows, talking about managing expectations, planning and being clear about what is most important about your trip to Vietnam.

To that end, we want to become your specialist in this area. If you are being overwhelmed with the internet flooded with pages and pages of Tour Operators, Tour Companies, Tourism Boards, Facebook post and Travel groups, you may like to hand the job of designing your trip over to us and let us do the work of designing the best trip according to your interests, budget and objective.

Your trip planning and itinerary design - isn't one out of the brochure, it's your OWN by design


Trip planning and itinerary design for travel to Vietnam requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure an enjoyable and memorable trip.  We ask a lot of questions. The process should be tailored and include

key elements such as:-

Research - Research is crucial when planning a trip to Vietnam. This includes researching the best time to visit, visas and entry requirements, cultural customs and norms, as well as top attractions, cities, and activities. This information will help determine the itinerary and ensure that the trip is planned efficiently and effectively.


Budgeting - Budgeting is a key consideration when planning a trip to Vietnam. It is important to determine how much money will be available for travel expenses and allocate it appropriately for accommodation, transportation, food, and activities. This will help ensure that the trip is both affordable and enjoyable.

Itinerary Design - Once the research and budgeting have been completed, the itinerary design can begin. This should take into account the traveler's interests, “preferred pace” of travel, travel fitness and budget. The itinerary should include a balance of sightseeing, cultural experiences, and relaxation, and should allow for some flexibility to make adjustments if needed.


Accommodation - Accommodation should be a priority in the itinerary design. This includes choosing the right type of accommodation, such as hotels, guesthouses, or homestays, and determining the best location based on the traveler's preferences and budget. Do you prefer budget, boutique or do you want to stick to your favourite brands at every possible point?

Transportation - Transportation is another key factor in itinerary design. This includes choosing the right mode of transportation, such as flights, trains, or buses, and determining the best route to take to get from one location to another. A well-planned transportation itinerary will help make the trip more efficient and save time, duress on your body and senses, and money. Sometimes spending a few dollars more for a speedy flight in comfort can make all the difference at the other end.

Food and Dining - Food and dining should also be considered in the itinerary design. Vietnam is known for its delicious and diverse cuisine, and the traveler should make an effort to try as many local dishes as possible. We plan to make it our mission through locals and using favourites of our guests on the Podcast to make sure you have plenty of food experiences to excite any interested palate.


Culture and Activities - Culture and activities should be a priority in the itinerary design, as they provide an opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and experience the local way of life. This can include visiting local markets, temples, and historical sites, as well as participating in local festivals and events.


In conclusion, In the end the decision is yours. Ultimately we want you to have a great trip that is value money. If we don't provide that, then you have a design to shop around other vendors.

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