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About WAV

Welcome to What About Vietnam - WAV


A Vietnam Travel Podcast with Kerry Newsome.


If you have ever thought about Vietnam as a holiday destination, but unsure, well, this might be the “eye-opener” you need, to help you decide you must go.

What started out as a Podcast in 2020, has evolved into a library of consumable information about Vietnam and the many things to do, see and experience. I fell in love with Vietnam many years ago and hope you will too!

As a regular traveler to Vietnam and serial travel industry professional, I am delighted to host the podcast that began it all and share with you the most up-to-date information about Vietnam that I can gather.

Now in its 3rd year, 73 Episodes, across 4 series, the program is listened to in 70 countries. It is recommended by the Lonely Planet Guide of 2022/23 and is becoming the most respected English voice talking about Vietnam travel on the planet. 

Just a little bit about the Podcast:-

The What About Vietnam Podcast is a podcast that aims to provide an in-depth and authentic look at Vietnam and its culture. Some of the best features of the podcast include:

  1. Authentic storytelling: The podcast features a wide range of stories and perspectives from locals, expats, and travelers, giving listeners an authentic and nuanced look at Vietnam and its people.

  2. Cultural insights: The podcast delves into the country's history, culture, customs and traditions, giving listeners an in-depth understanding of the country.

  3. Interviews with experts and recent travellers: The podcast features interviews with experts and travellers on a variety of topics, including travel, food, history, and culture, providing valuable insights for listeners.

  4. Variety of topics: The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from travel and food to history and culture, catering to a broad audience of listeners.

  5. Professional Production: The podcast is produced with high standards, providing listeners with a great audio quality and a professional touch.

  6. Personal touch: The host of the podcast is a long-term expat in Vietnam and has a personal story and connection with the country, which makes the podcast more engaging and interesting.

  7. High-quality content: The podcast is well researched, fact-checked and well-structured, providing valuable information to listeners.

Each Episode page features the transcript for printing and a short synopsis of the show. 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like a specific subject or question featured in the show.

Happy Travels.

Kerry Newsome

Now recommended listening in the Lonely Planet Vietnam Experiences Guide


With Kerry Newsome

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