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A Travel Podcast with Kerry Newsome.


If you have ever thought about Vietnam as a holiday destination, but unsure, well, this might be the “eye-opener” you need, to help you decide you must go.

What started out as a Podcast in 2020, has evolved into a library of consumable information about Vietnam and the many things to do, see and experience. I fell in love with Vietnam many years ago and hope you will too!

As a regular traveler to Vietnam and serial travel industry professional, I am delighted to host the podcast that began it all and share with you the most up-to-date information about Vietnam that I can gather.

just a little bit about the Podcast:-

A new Episode is published fortnightly and the subject matter is random. Anything from foodie, to travel experiences, locations, tours, culture and language. Aimed at the discerning traveler,  I try to include subjects that I think will resonate with this audience. 


Series (1). This is just me. 

In my first series, it is just me talking from my experience and knowledge of the country as I work with a Travel Operator in Hanoi.

The objective is to give you the information the guide books don't,.... in an easy to listen to, relatable format.

Across this series, I will be your guide to "When and How" to travel throughout Vietnam. I will provide you with comprehensive information designed to make your trip fun, safe, and full of great adventures.

While we are living in Covid 19 times this is a great chance to do some trip planning and holiday destination research, so please take the time to listen to my Podcast and enjoy your next visit to Vietnam.


You Can also read, print and download the transcripts that' support the podcast so you have something to save for future planning.


Series 2 and 3 onward...


These are the MAIN series where I chat with travellers, ex-pats and tour operators so they may tell their experiences and share their insights for future travelers.

Lots of learnings and heaps of fun. We cover locations, activities, family-friendly destinations and "must do" things in Vietnam.

I hope you will come to use this site as a resource and enjoy your stay in Vietnam.

Thank you for your support.

Kerry Newsome


With Kerry Newsome