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An exciting new travel guide

Written by Kerry Newsome, based on her actual travels and adventures.
Are you thinking of booking a trip to Vietnam, but don’t know where to begin? This book is designed just for you as a new traveller to Vietnam. It’s here to offer helpful tips to ensure you have the time of your life!

“It has been designed to give the traveller brief tips and hints to help you ‘Book’ your trip wisely, ‘Pack’ for all kinds of conditions, and enjoy your ‘Stay’ with some local knowledge I have gained from my many visits to Vietnam” – Kerry Newsome

A DIY guide on the things most guidebooks don’t tell you. It’s an easy read for the cost of a cup of coffee. Designed to be highly interactive with links to blogs, websites, videos,Apps and guides you too  “how to get a Visa”. This makes the book compact, and easy for you to select what you want to know, when you need it the most.

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As the main theme is a DIY Guide, the advice offered in the “Book, Pack & Stay - Travel Guide To Vietnam” is from my personal experience as a Vietnam Travel Podcaster, frequent traveller and country expert. I’ve got so much knowledge I want to share with new travellers, I thought it was about time I did! There is one thing you need to know from the beginning; This is NOT a “How to save money guide book,” nor is it a detailed Vietnam Travel Destination Guide book. You’ve got tons of Google options and Destination guide books for that type of information.
This is more a guide on how to avoid the many inconveniences and stresses that you may not even realize you could experience as a new traveller in Vietnam. It’s the guide to making travel in and around Vietnam more pleasurable.
Asia can be quite a culture shock to Western travellers. The new smells, traffic, and all around chaotic nature of Asian cultures can be quite startling to westerners. Don’t worry, it only adds to the charm and vibrancy of Vietnam! This guide will help eliminate some of the culture shock, as well as give you pointers on making your trip to Vietnam incredibly memorable in so many ways. It is kind of like the guide book to the nuances of travel in Vietnam, that don’t commonly appear in print or in social media.

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Kerry Newsome Author - Book, Pack & Stay Vietnam - A travel guide to Vietnam - Hanoi visit
Who is this book suited for?   This book will appeal to the more discerning traveller, someone who is looking for more than just a run of the mill guide book. These insider tips can help both a seasoned traveller, someone new to travelling Vietnam or someone who likes to plan ahead. 

Why did I write it?  After many years of travelling back and forth to Vietnam, I came to experience some common themes or issues that could be easily addressed if the traveller was made aware of them, prior to departure. I have identified many issues that when combined, caused my guests in small groups, stress, anxiety and sometimes sheer annoyance. I have addressed these issues and many more in this book. 

The book has been written with first-time travellers to Vietnam in mind. For those who have never been to Asia, many aspects apply across the board when it comes to Asian travel. It will help you to avoid some of the pitfalls of travelling to Vietnam, and will soften the blow of culture shock. 

I am a strong believer in ‘knowledge is power’. Armed with some travellers' insights you will be able to handle these travel situations calmly and with compassion. I’m going to debunk some myths that you may have heard about Vietnam and simplify some of the things that can prove challenging for first time travellers as well. 

Vietnam, as a socialist republic can be misunderstood, and yet travel to the country is now very easy and enjoyable. With a few of the tips and tricks for travel in Vietnam shared here it’s my greatest hope that they make your journey even more relaxing and something you might like to do again. 

How did this book come together?  The simple answer is that over my many years of travel to Vietnam I have collected these tips, and after sharing them with friends, I was told they would be useful for other travellers. In my role as a travel adviser and travel host, I have witnessed many first-time traveller experiences, first hand. Frankly, many of the situations that turned sour could have been easily avoided with some prior knowledge and education about Vietnam. I hope this book will diminish any fears or misconceptions you may have about travelling to Vietnam and encourage you to visit this vibrant country. You will generally find the people warm, friendly and welcoming. The food is amazing, fresh, tasty and expansive, and the country itself is scenic, colourful, rich and enchanting. 

When is this book suited for? This book was written in late 2022 and covers travel in post-Covid Vietnam.
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