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What About Vietnam Travel Services

Vietnam Travel Advice
Vietnam Travel Advice

Kerry Newsome

Kelley McCarthy

Welcome to What About Vietnam's Travel  Services

Through the popularity of the podcast and the fact travel is now firmly back on in Vietnam, I am delighted to announce the provision of these travel services with my partner in this venture Kelley McCarthy.

If you have listened to my podcasts over the last 3 years, you will  appreciateI I have a very broad range of knowledge to help design a trip for you that is tailored to your needs. From food, culture, fun and shopping, I have within my armoury a great Destination Company that will assure the trip lives up to all your expectations and plans. So if you need a trip designed for you or your group, Request a quotation HERE.

Now with Kelley on the team I am better resourced to offer additional Travel Companion Services not currently available in Vietnam to my knowledge. Say. hello to Kelley.


If you have noticed, I am extremely excited about this as I think it's where the gap in the travel market lies in this region. This type of service is more commonly provided in the America's and Europe. I say "What About Vietnam?" Why should travellers miss out on this service in this country. 


Kelley will head up this division of What About Vietnam by being your first port of call and actual companion on your trip. This is a premium service, and it has to be, because you deserve it.

Please get in touch with Kelley or myself  and ask us a question, or have us provide you with some detail. 

Trip planning & itinerary design


  • Ideal for all types of travellers

  • Well Researched

  • Budgeted to your specs

  • Itinerary design - where and why?

  • Accommodation advice

  • Transportation 

  • Food and dining

  • Cultural activities

  • Suits all types of activities

    Travel Companions Services


  • Personalised 

  • Tailored to the travellers needs

  • Works with local Guides

  • Proven service provider 

  • Trustworthy 

  • We have your back

  • Personally tailored by style of travel to destination and time available

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