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Vietnam Tourist Visa Information - updated as 22/8/2023 

E-Visa changes - Effective 15/8/23

As from the 15/8/23 Vietnam has changed it's Visa entry requirements for tourists.
The 4 most important factors to take into consideration when planning your trip to Vietnam:-
1. Dependant on your duration of stay, you will need to check if the country passport you travel on requires you to apply for an E-Visa. Please check this link to verify your country passport is either Visa Free or requires an E-Visa. This is the best site known to feature the 25 countries information that are designated as NOT requiring a Visa - 
We suggest you check here first as if the case your country is Visa Free, and your stay fits within the guidelines you can avoid the cost and process of applying for an EVisa entirely. The above website is not the official page for E-Visa applications. Please use for checking status and general information.
Lastly, make sure your passport has 6 months before it expires and has minimum of 2 free pages in your passport for stamping.

2. If your country passport is Visa free and your travel stay is more than 45 days, you will be required to follow the recommendations on the above website and either leave the country and apply from the outside, and or apply for an E-Visa (90 days) which will allow you to extend your stay. Applications for this can be made using this website.
To begin your application click the SUBMIT red button and complete the form.
Please note this form is purely for extended 90 days stays and multiple entry Visa requirements. 
AUTHOR NOTE: The form to apply for the 90 day E-Visa asks a lot more questions about your stay and personal status so don't be alarmed. 
The FEE is $50 USD which is required at the time of application, It is worth being mindful that the site advises that if there are any queries, that the applicant must allow up to 5-19 days for processing. However, most applications are processed with 5 Business Days. The experience of the author was very streamlined and the E-Visa letter was approved and available in 3 days.

3. If you are required to obtain an E-visa, but your stay is no longer than 30 days, then you revert to the normal application process through the link here and follow guidelines below.
4. Depending on your length of stay, and if you have established you need to apply for an E-Visa it should be made clear.

This is the website for general 30 day E-Visa applications:
This is the website for 90 day Multiple Entry Visa applications:

NOTE: The forms do require you to match your application exactly with the information in your passport and while you start with your ENTRY date and finish with your Exit dates, these dates do not have to directly comply with the Visa allocation. Example - if your holiday is going to be 60 days, you will still receive a valid entry Visa for 90 days. 

For clarity the whole E-Visa application and extended E-Visa application process and variables:
START here.

A Guide to completing the 30 day E-Visa Form and 90 Day Extended Multiple entry form

The process for single entry into Vietnam remains unchanged. It does not necessitate you having to send your passport to the Vietnam consulate or queue upon arrival in Vietnam for a Visa stamp in your passport. Nominally called VOA - Visa On Arrival. It is unclear at this stage if VOA is still operating so the author suggests using the E-Visa as your most efficient application process.
NOTE: The 30 day E-visa referred to here is strictly for single entry only and up to 30 days maximum stay.
Simply make your application on the website address below and follow the steps to the letter.

A couple of hints to ensure the "bugs" in the website don't knock you back when you apply.;-

1. When it asks for a passport photo to be uploaded. I have found the best process is to take a photo of a Passport photo you have as a spare. NOT the one in your current passport. It doesn't like that one. It doesn't matter if it is not the same as your current passport photo. Once you have photographed it. Crop it to Passport size roughly. Save and upload.

2. When asked to upload a photo of your passport. Once again. Photograph your current passport and then crop to neat size, save and upload. 

3. Follow the steps then through as questions are asked. Making sure to provide the correct spelling of your name, in the order shown and all details.
Once you are approved, you will need to go back to the website and using your reference number print out the “Visa letter”. You will not necessarily get an email advising you the application is approved. It is up to you to go back into the website, using your reference number and check if it approved. PLEASE allow up to 5 working days to process.
This exact process applies to the 90 day Visa application, however it is done through a different portal - See here
The letter you print serves as your Visa (there will be no stamp in your passport) and you will have to present it at immigration with your passport when you arrive in Vietnam. This is when you get your stamp. Double check all information is correct.
Do NOT lose this letter. Keep it with your passport at all times. 

Single Entry - 30 Day E-Visa - Allow at least 3-5 business days for processing.
COST: As at 2023 $25 USD
Multiple Entry - 90 Day E-Visa - allow at least 5-19 business days for processing and queries.
COST: As of 15/8/23 $50 USD

Visa – Applications made direct to Consulate (these include single and multiple entries)
For direct applications, you can download the appropriate forms from the Consulate website. By completing the form along with getting 1 Passport Photo you can hand them in along with your passport over the counter or mail them to Consulate's office in Edgecliff, Sydney. Allow minimum minimum 2- 3 days for processing plus postage. There are options for quicker turnaround if urgent, but you will pay an extra fee for that service. Check your country Consulate website. For Australians see below for all the details.

For a general single entry - Cost $90
For a Multiple Entry Visa - $140

Words of caution

There are a lot of Visa Service organisations out there. Some are not regulated. Some charge more for the same service you can do yourself and some are illegal. I do stress caution and suggest you check with the consulate site above for those listed they know are fraudulent.

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