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Vietnam Tourist Visa Information - 2023

This information has been updated as of January 2023.
It is imperative you check if you need a Visa to enter Vietnam. Depending on your country passport you may be Visa exempt - please use the Immigration website listed below for information regarding this. 
If you are not Visa Exempt - You may be applicable for an Evisa.
Please follow the instructions below for this application- updated post Covid.
FOR ALL OTHER COUNTRIES you will need to check separately via this link for your availability and options. Many countries are not required to have a Visa to enter Vietnam but always best to check.
Option 1 – EVISA = Single entry - Up to 30 day stay Maximum
( the quickest and simplest way to apply for a Visa to Vietnam)
The process for single entry into Vietnam is now much simpler.  It does not necessitate you having to send your passport to the Vietnam consulate or queue upon arrival in Vietnam for a Visa stamp in your passport. Nominally called VOA - Visa On Arrival.
However, The Evisa described here is strictly for single entry only and up to 30 days maximum stay.
Simply make your application on the website address below and follow the steps to the letter.
A couple of hints to ensure the "bugs" in the website don't knock you back when you apply.;-
1. When it asks for a passport photo to be uploaded. I have found the best process is to take a photo of a Passport photo you have as a spare. NOT the one in your current passport. It doesn't like that one. It doesnt matter if it is not the same as your current passport photo. Once you have photographed it. Crop it to Passport size roughly. Save and upload.
2. When asked to upload a photo of your passport. Once again. Photograph your current passport and then crop to neat size, save and upload. 
3. Follow the steps then through as questions are asked. Making sure to provide the correct spelling of your name, in the order shown and all details.
Once you are approved, you will need to go back to the website and using your reference number print out the “Visa letter”. You will not necessarily get an email advising you the application is approved. It is up to you to go back into the website, using your reference number and check if it approved. PLEASE allow up to 3 working days to process.
This letter serves as your Visa (there will be no stamp in your passport) and you will have to present it at immigration with your passport when you arrive in Vietnam.
Do NOT lose this letter. Keep it with your passport at all times. 
NOTE: This letter is NOT the same as the Introduction letter described below. If it says anywhere VOA, you know you do not have an EVISA.
Allow at least 3 business days for processing.
COST: As at 2019 $25 USD
See link below for the Visa application: - ONLY USE THIS LINK
Option 2 – Multiple entry – This is currently NOT available as at 2023
Please be advised should this change we will update this page.
The process for a multiple entry Visa can be done by making an application for a “Visa on Arrival.” Or VOA as it is commonly referred to. Watch out for many websites trying to sell this service to you for exorbitant prices.
Simply put, if you follow the instructions in the link below, you will receive a letter by email with your name on it, which is your "letter of Introduction". There is an initial fee for this first step. By taking this letter together with your 2 passport photos and completed Visa Application form you will be able to ;-
  • Check in to your flight. If you do not have your letter of introduction they won’t let you board. Please take care to bring the letter and the pages with your name on it to confirm you have been accepted for this kind of Visa. They are often separate to the main Introduction letter
  • Once you arrive at your first point of entry to Vietnam, which from Australia will most likely be Hanoi, or HCMC you will go to the "VOA "Counter located just before you go through Immigration. By handing them your letter + form + photos + passport and fee, they will take it and stamp your Multiple Entry Visa into your passport.
  • Try and get to this VOA counter asap, as you may have to wait a while for them to call you, and if you have a connecting flight, that can make it stressful.  It can take up to 30 minutes if the queue is long.
Once gaining the Visa stamp, you can progress through immigration and every time you go in and out of the country you will be covered; as per the Visa, you have applied for. You will see it says Multiple entry.
See the link below which clearly outlines the process and includes the application form you need to download and fill in to present to the VOA counter along with Passport photos when you arrive in Vietnam.
The fee is $25USD ( This may have changed as at 2019) so it helps if you have the correct currency to pay when you arrive as there are NO ATMs inside the arrival hall before you go through Immigration. However, I think they do now accept other currencies.
NOTE- You can use VOA for single entry as well, but why would you bother with all that when Evisa now is much simpler.
Visa – Applications made direct to Consulate (these include single and multiple entries)
For direct applications, you can download the appropriate forms from the Consulate website. By completing the form along with getting 1 Passport Photo you can hand them in along with your passport over the counter or mail them to Consulate's office in Edgecliff, Sydney. Allow minimum 2-3 days for processing plus postage. There are options for quicker turnaround if urgent, but you will pay an extra fee for that service. See the Consulate website below for all the details.
For a general single entry - Cost $90
For a Multiple Entry Visa - $140
Words of caution
There are a lot of Visa Service organizations out there. Some are not regulated. Some charge more for the same service you can do yourself and some are illegal. Please be careful when making your selection as some VIP ones charge more but do provide a quick and efficient service,  if you have forgotten to get a Visa and you are about check-in and realize this.
On this page,  I cannot keep up with all of them, but I do stress caution and suggest you check with the consulate site above for those listed they know are fraudulent.
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