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Travelling to Vietnam part 3 - Things NOT always in a tour program

Episode 16

S3-16 Things NOT always in a tour
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The final episode in this series.

A short episode to close out the series, I am again joined by Miquel Angel as we discuss the broader challenges of trip planning.

“While time is in your hands” says my knowledgeable guest Miquel, it does take astute planning to get the best out of the regions within a restrictive 14 day trip, which was the basis of this series. This is a 3 -part series, so may I suggest you start with Part 1 to get the full benefit of my guest’s insights.

Miquel further shares his take on places like Dalat, Phong Nha, Hanoi, Northern Highlands, Phu Quoc and Dalat.

You will discover things you may not have thought possible to see in Vietnam, as they are not featured in your average program, like Tulips in Dalat and Bee farms in Phu Quoc. Because as he says “You cannot fit everything in."

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