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Learn "greetings" in Vietnamese

Episode 19

S3-19 Learn "Greetings"
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You have just arrived into Vietnam and you’d like to know a few words in the form of greetings, to help pave the way. You are in the right place.

English is widely spoken in the main cities, but in the North and in the more remote regions, not so much.

It is always nice to have some greetings down pat to help break the ice and come across polite and courteous to those you meet. Vietnamese rate courteous behaviour highly and you will win them over very quickly simply by trying.

This episode is 1 of a 3 part mini-series I am running over the next 3 weeks;-

Week 1. What About Vietnam – S3-19 – Learn “greetings” in Vietnamese

Each week will be a new episode focusing on a particular setting or scenario. Its lots of fun as I am the guinea pig.

My Expert Guest joining me in the mini series is Ha Dam. Ha is Vietnamese and well versed as an English-Vietnamese translator. I caught up with her in France where she now lives with her partner and is currently an English to Vietnamese translator for a UK company helping immigrants settle into their new country.

A few years ago she did this Video which is why I thought she would be great to have on the show. You can see her by clicking on the YouTube video to the right - Vietnamese 101.

My thanks to for helping me track her down.

PLEASE NOTE: This not a training or educational language lesson, it is purely for fun and pronunciation and conversational purposes.

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