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Mu Cang Chai - a landscape of beauty and ingenuity

Episode 2

S3-02 Mu Cang Chai
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Deep in the valleys forged by the waters of Asia’s Red River, a series of colorful mountain villages are encircled by fields of towering rice terraces. The fields are agricultural feats of precision — rugged mountains blanketed with emerald stairways that, seemingly, ascend to the heavens above.

But this is not Disneyland. This isn’t a destination designed to attract visitors, international attention or the Instagram set.

But it did attract one Instagrammer, Jesse Pearlman and he is my guest today.

You will love hearing about this region as Jesse tells his tales and his experiences getting there the first time, and later, trips back and forth.
You will hear in his voice that his love of the region belongs to the people and comes from a very soulful place in his heart.

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