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One teenagers view on a holiday in Vietnam

Episode 25

S3-25 One teenagers holiday views
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If you are thinking about bringing your family to Vietnam and not sure if Vietnam will hit the button for children, in particular your teen son or daughter, you might be pleasantly surprised by the views of one such teenager who visited Vietnam with me in 2019.

Ethan Sanders is my guest and just also happens to be my grandson.

Ethan was 16 when he came to visit me in Vietnam on one of my trips.

2 years on from that visit;-
Find out what Ethan found initially most challenging?

Discover the “thing” you thought your child may never do at home, but will try in Vietnam?

Learn if he would go back to Vietnam as an adult.
What did Ethan find so hilarious in Danang?

Vietnam is extremely kid friendly. It is a very safe environment and features lots of activities kids of all ages will love. I hope you enjoy this episode, as this one is for the teens we love. And memorable holidays.

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