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Find the must try Vietnamese dishes in Danang

Episode 4

S3-04 Dishes of Danang
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Danang is our location and my super talented and knowledgeable guest Pedr Finn from Vietnam Food Safari tours, is our pathfinder into the city and our doyen of Vietnamese cuisine

If you are curious to try Vietnamese food but never quite sure what to order on the menu, Pedr offers up his favourites across breakfast, lunch, and dinner,…or “second lunch” as the Vietnamese sometimes refer to it.

Pedr comes to the program as a qualified chef, writer, and restauranteur, originally from Australia. He settled in Danang about 10 years ago and runs his own foodie tours, which is how I got to meet him and learned so much more about Vietnamese cuisine and Danang city.

This is a fun show. A very earnest and down-to-earth sharing of knowledge.

If your mouth doesn’t start salivating as Pedr describes what goes into certain Vietnamese dishes your sides will be splitting with laughter as he describes markets and some funny Vietnamese phrases.

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