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Art in Vietnam - story telling at its best

Episode 1

S4-01 Art in Vietnam
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Art in Vietnam is everywhere. Sometimes it’s hard to actually know what you are looking at. As a tourist busy trying to cram so much in to a stay in Vietnam, the artist’s true technique or storytelling, is often lost on us.

Art takes many forms in Vietnam, as in Lacquerware, paintings, silk, lanterns, pottery, fashion, homewares, and as you will learn in this show, there is a difference between an “Artist” and a Craftsman, who may produce the same style or product many times, yet it takes true skill to do this. We discuss the differences. And then of course how do you know what’s real or fake? Believe it, or not. Not everything is a copy, or fake.

With the advantage of my talented artist Bridget March, we are going to take it back 100 years and really talk about how Vietnam has developed in the art world.

Bridget is a brilliant story teller. An artist herself of considerable note. She has published 3 books about Hoi An, Sapa and Saigon and has had 7 solo exhibitions of her paintings and drawings in Vietnam galleries and at International hotels.

She is also well recognised as the curator for the wonderful art gallery space at the Anantara Hoi An Resort.
She has her own delightful gallery located in Hoi An – See our special offer coming soon.

For her list of favourite galleries – see the transcript for links.

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