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Podswap - Mark Arinsberg interviews Kerry

Episode 13

S4-13 Citizen 44 podswap
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This show is what we call a Podswap, and it's a great one with Mark Arinsberg from Citizen 44.  Mark has kindly allowed me to share the interview with you.
I am the guest this time, and in this show I talk freely about how the podcast helped me navigate through Covid in Australia, and my recent trip. Hopefully there are some good takeaways that will help guide your future travels.

Time stamps to help you navigate some of the main topics you may find interesting.

There will be no transcript with this episode.
03.37 - Kerry's version of Hoi An as her location for the interview
• 04.40 - Kerry talks about her role in Vietnam
• 07.17 - Kerry and Mark talk about the affects of Covid 2020-2021
• 11.19 - Why Mark loves Vietnam
• 12.52 - What makes Vietnam such a value for money holiday location?
• 14.35 - Mark talks food and how incredible the taste and price is!
• 16.00 - Kerry advises how best to take advantage of the Visa situation
• 21.23 - Mark talks about Vietnam as a growing economy
• 24.48 - Kerry's dentistry story Vietnam
• 30.48 - How the podcast kept Kerry going through Covid
• 34.36 - Mark's contrasting experience of Covid versus his family in the US
• 36.26 - Kerry talks about the growing ties between Australia and Vietnam
• 41.47 - Kerry's foodie experiences this trip in Saigon
• 46.08 - Mark interviews his girlfriend and they discuss how going vegan saved a mans life.

You can find more of Marks shows here -

You can find Mark's books to purchase here -

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