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What makes solo female travellers love Vietnam

Episode 15

S4-15 Travelling as a solo woman
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There are many reasons why Vietnam is a stand out favourite destination amongst female solo travellers. One of the dominant reasons is safety. The other reasons we explore more deeply in the show as they stem from the Vietnamese people themselves, and how they recognise women empowerment in their own culture.

I hope my male guests will forgive us for making this show about the female solo traveller. You needn’t worry, I have a male solo traveller show on the drawing board featuring bike riding, golf, sports, adventure and lots of other cool stuff. So, stay tuned.

However, the aim of this show is to allay any fears a female may have about taking a solo trip to Vietnam. You are going to hear from both a westerner as in myself and a Vietnamese hospitality professional living in Saigon.

My lovely guest is Camellia Dinh.

With over 10 years of experience working in the hospitality industry for some of the world’s most prestigious hotel brands including Park Hyatt, Sofitel, and the M-Gallery Collection, Camellia has a wealth of experiences and local knowledge to share.

Currently she holds the position as Director of Sales at Fusion Original Saigon Centre

Camellia tells us it is not always convenient to travel with friends or family as matching up schedules with study and jobs makes it almost impossible. She says that she started travelling alone as young as 13, and over time has come to really enjoy her trips alone, and it has afforded her some fun experiences. That’s not to say she doesn’t love travelling with friends and family when she can.

Together we’d like to share our own personal experiences to ensure women considering doing this, can do so with confidence. Especially if the female traveller loves food, culture, scenery, shopping, pampering, wellness, adventure and making new friends along the way.

The doors for a “female solo traveller” are about to open, and Vietnam is waiting to greet you with open arms. You can find more about Camellia Dinh here -

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