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Exploring Phong Nha beyond the caves

Episode 21

S4-21 Beyond the Phong Nha caves
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If you thought Phong Nha, was just all about visiting the amazing caves you see and hear about, you would really be selling the area short. In this episode of "What about Vietnam?" we get to showcase many other cool fun things to do in the locality.

My guest, is a bit of a legend in this area of Vietnam, and is none other than Ben Mitchell. Besides being an all round nice "Aussie bloke", he is extremely knowledgeable in travel and tourism overall.

Ben has been on the program before and along with Howard Limbert in other episodes we have covered the caving aspect of Phong Nha in great detail, which undoubtedly is its main attraction. However what you are about to find out in this show is the caves, ....are just the entry point to other things to do in the region.

Furthermore, the episode encourages visitors to consider extending  their stay in Phong Nha since a couple of days might not be enough to experience all the activities available. Everything from bike riding, walking tours, cycling through villages, farm to table feasts, and surfing, to finally enjoying a G&T watching a beautiful sunset over the paddy fields.

Ben has done a lot for tourism in the region, and is considered very knowledgeable on its history  and many aspects of bike touring along the HCM trail.  I feel sure from listening today you may like to consider bringing the whole family, as like Ben's young family, there is something for everyone. And everyone gets into it!
On the aspect of history - Ben mentions this Video you may like to look at

There is also a Podcast talking about the National Park - The Ke Bang Park

You can reach Ben at his local homestay called - Phong Nha Farm stay -

[00:01:28] Phong Nha's diversification efforts during and beyond Covid

[00:06:18] The Ho Chi Minh Trail.

[00:11:21] Other attractions in Phong Nha

[00:14:03] Free-range chickens - a fun story

[00:18:44] Vietnamese workers leaving travel industry - the impact on tourism

[00:25:02] Phong Nha Cave tourism and main operators

[00:29:09] Vietnamese War veterans in Utah.

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