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How to capture beautiful photos - Part 1

Episode 23

S4-23 Take beautiful photos Part 1
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One of my favourite things to do in Vietnam is taking photographs. You can’t help wanting to just click away!!! It’s hard not to want to capture Vietnam’s magnificent scenery and colour popping landscapes, rivers, mountains and cities a buzz with people and rich culture.

However, how can we capture those photographs that, upon reviewing them later, fill us with an overwhelming sense of pride and eagerness to share them with our friends and family.

Meet our extraordinary photographer, and guest Thomas Levine whose talents and experiences have taken him on an incredible journey around the world!
With a bachelor's degree in Sociology and minors in business and psychology, he possesses a unique perspective that shines through in his captivating photographs.

His portfolio boasts a diverse range of subjects, including people for annual reports and advertising, still life compositions featuring cigars, cars, food, jewellery, furniture, flowers, and even nature and wildlife. His artistic eye captures the essence of each subject, delivering images that are both visually stunning and conceptually compelling.

This is a 1 of a 2 part series on mastering photography in Vietnam. In Part 1 Thomas shares his wisdom in the pursuit of the perfect travel pic you will want to share. He focuses on the use of color, lines, backgrounds and the focus you need to have when photographing epic scenery, people, and activities. Whether its with a Camera or smartphone these tips on photography are universal.

Follow Thomas’s remarkable photography as he continues to capture the beauty of Vietnam from his home in Hoi An, one click at a time.

Check out his website for further advice and lessons.

You can find Thomas here

Thomas Levine

Skype: thomas.levine888

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