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Vietnam Travel Outlook 2022-23

Episode 3

S4-03 Travel Outlook 2022-23
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This is a Podswap from the Conor Kelly & Kerry Newsome interview - ComebaCK Podcast #371

If you are sitting on the sidelines Googling madly, watching and reading social media chatter, but still unsure if it’s a good idea to take your next holiday in Vietnam, or go back there?;- then this show is for you. Why? Because Conor asks the questions I think many of you want to know the answers to. The doors are open, but is everyone rushing through the gates? And if not? Why?

This is a totally different show. As I am the guest, not the host on the ComebaCK Podcast and this is what we call a Podswap. Essentially this allows me to share his show with you, on my channel.

Conor Kelly, the host and ambitious podcaster of his own show ‘ComebaCK’ generously invited me to come on his show to talk about my thoughts on the future of travel in Vietnam and the ‘What About Vietnam’ podcast.

Of course, I was delighted to do this, as it gave me a chance to share my journey with Vietnam from over 15 years working in the travel industry, talking with Vietnam travel organisations, industry boards and chambers, and travelling back and forth.

Conor and I got down to business very quickly and settled into a hearty discussion on my personal history with travel in Vietnam as far back as 2007, and how I am tracking Vietnam’s comeback!! Great name for a Podcast, Conor Kelly.

So here you have it - Ep #371 ComebaCK

To make it easy- Some of the subjects we covered are here:-

00:02:34 – Kerry’s first visit to Vietnam 2007
00:08:33 – The travel boom 2019 to now
00:10:13 – When Covid hit 2020 – Kerry’s reaction
00:14:48 – Keeping tabs on Vietnam during Covid
00:18:16 – The launch of ‘ What About Vietnam’
00:20:21 – What’s trending on the show
00:29:54 – Tourism forecasting beyond May 2022
00:36:01 – Over-tourism to sustainable tourism
00:37:27 – Hidden gems needing more promotion
00:42:54 – Managing over- tourism – some ideas
00:46:35 – Crystal ball – 2022,23,24 travel trends
00:48:45 – Sustainable tourism opportunities
00:51:35 – Is Podcasting a good platform to inform people on travel in Vietnam?
00:56:01 – How to access Kerry and What about Vietnam

If you prefer to read please check out the Transcript on the website.

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