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Vietnam wedding planning - all you need to know

Episode 4

S4-04 Vietnam Wedding Planning
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When planning a wedding there are so many factors to consider.

While you start with - Who to invite? It quickly moves into - the venue and destination. And along with that comes the budget, and what style of wedding you want? How traditional, creative or crazy do you want it to be?

For those exploring options in this space I say “What about Vietnam?”.
As you will hear from my lovely guest Jenny, a Wedding and Event Planner for 10 years in Vietnam, “the crazier the wedding the better”.

Beach weddings; on top of a mountain; in a cave; on a boat; paragliding onto the beach as an entrance; rich and colourfully traditional; to everything in between.

You will soon discover in this program, Jenny, found here at “Weddings and Special events by Hoang Anh”, has a lot to say about the kinds of things the bride and groom can experience in Vietnam. Climate, food, flowers, staff, culture and many beautiful locations can bring to life a dream wedding, that is both uniquely special and culturally rich for everyone who attends.

Hoang Ang, who for easy conversation allows me to call her Jenny, is a very hands on planner as she engages with all aspects of the event, including the travel plans and arrangements for pre and post events; family get togethers’, and parties of celebration.
You will have a good laugh at the “Hangover” story.

You can find more about Jenny’s business and discuss your ideas using the links available at the conclusion of the Transcript available on this page.

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