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Craft beers in Vietnam - A heads up!

Episode 6

S4-06 Craft beers in Vietnam
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The Craft Beer scene is probably one of the “biggest ” and best leaked travel secrets about Vietnam to hit the tourist map. It is unmistakably an industry that is being fast tracked as we head out of Covid.

It is a “scene”. It's a taste sensation. It's a "thing" you have to try. As you will find out in today’s episode, it’s a product produced from passion, skill and local flavours, which means it also has a story. You don’t have to strictly be a beer drinker to join in the fun. But you do have to come to Vietnam to experience it.

Today I have the distinct advantage of sharing with you a Brewers story. Please allow me to introduce Gary Bett, as the Founder and Head Brewer of the ‘Five Elements Brewing Company’, which is a small independent brewery in Da Nang.

Gary gives us some great insights into the industry and the nuances of this fascinating manmade process, things like:-

• 6.31 – What makes a craft beer
• 7.42 – Local influences
• 9.04 – Batches and Brews
• 12.12 – The alcohol content
• 13.13 – Where to go to try 
• 16.07 - What do Vietnamese think of craft beer?
• 19.43 – Raw materials and the spice mix
• 25.25 – Say hello to Gary at the BREWHAHA Tap rooms in Danang

Where do you find Five Elements Craft beers and have fun with friends and locals? Check the links below or grab them from the transcript on this page for direct linkage.

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