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Con Dao Islands with Conor Kelly

Eprisode 14

S4-14 Con Dao Islands
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My guest describes this destination as, “it's probably my favorite spot in Vietnam, and maybe ever, just due to its complexity and beauty”.

Today we take a deep dive into the Con Dao Islands with Conor Kelly. Conor shares with us a short break he took to the Islands and some of the things that took him by surprise.

It’s great to welcome Conor back to the show. We have worked together before on his own Podcast called The Comeback, where I was the guest.

While Conor has high praise for the islands, as we explored the activities during his stay more deeply we discovered some of islands dark history and limitations. We unpacked the “how to get there” travel experience, and how much time you should allow for a stay.

If I could call this show the “reality Check-in to Con Dao” I would. As while it features some of the best beaches in Vietnam, it is not geared for the tourist looking for some serious beach side bar and restaurant action, similar to that of Danang, Phu Quoc or Nha Trang.

If you are the luxury traveller, this place has your name on it. As it features a stunning Six Senses resort. For those seeking a restful quiet chilled-out stay, Con Dao should be your first choice. Ranked No. 1 Best Resort In Southeast Asia. Travel + Leisure World's Best Awards 2021

No matter what your budget, if you are starting to investigate beach side holidays in Vietnam, Con Dao will come up, and it is the perfect “get away” from it all. So, bring a good book or a good podcast and enjoy.

Time stamps to follow

4.43 The “hidden gem” aspect of the islands
7.01 First impressions
11.11 The accommodation scale
12.29 Nobody knows you are here – the feeling of isolation
16.30 Discovering the islands “things to do”
19.15 “The war place”
23.09 The food experience
24.57 “Time out” – how long is long enough?
27.11 Must do’s and don’ts – Watch for flights in and out

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