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10 best things about Nha Trang you may not know

Episode 5

S4-05 Nha Trang 10 best things
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When looking for beachside locations in Vietnam, you are absolutely spoiled for choice.

If you are looking for a beach side city with access to several beautiful islands; plus is known to have 300 days of sunshine, then you need to head to Nha Trang. What was amazing to find out from my guest Colm Hutchinson, an Irish local expat is, that it is the gateway to so much MORE.

In the show Colm, who has been running his own digital media company, Halo Media since 2015, speaks to the changes that have taken place over the past 12 years, and how Nha Trang faired during the pandemic.

Colm does a fantastic job in our interview as he speaks so fluently to the 10, actually 11 things, he thinks make Nha Trang such a special place. 

So, settle back for a super interesting show about this beachside paradise as we explore:-

 1.    05.04 – The weather
2.     07.02 – The best beaches
3.     15.02 – Island hopping – walking on water
4.     16.01 – The Salt fields
5.     22.37 – Good time to visit after Covid
6.     24.26 – The culture – Explore Cham civilisation and pagodas
7.     26.24 – Biking about on a Vespa
8.     31.03 – Mud baths, good for the skin
9.     32.59 – Food – The seafood mecca
10.  42.35 – Golf – 3 challenging courses 20 mins apart
11.  45.09 – Cam Ranh – styles of accommodation + resorts and A SPECIAL 2 NIGHT STAY OFFER – More detail on the OFFERS page.

Photos credit: Igor Imranshoev of Halo Digital Media

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