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Meet our Travel Companion Services Director

What About Vietnam _ Travel Companion services Director Kelley 1.jpg

with Kelley McCarthy

Feel the difference a travel companion makes!

Welcome to What About Vietnam's Travel Companion Services - 

My name is Kelley McCarthy and together with Kerry Newsome, we want to open Vietnam to everyone. Even those who think at this stage that is a ‘leap too far”!


A little bit about Kelley, that's me...


I am a happily married woman with 1 child. Up until now, I have been working as the Centre Director of Childcare for the last few years to fund my passion for Travel….. I have travelled extensively in Asia both solo and with my family for the last 17 years and have always wanted to break away from what we used to refer to as the“ 9 to 5 “norm, and follow my love of travel and share my experiences of this region through the eyes of new travellers.


Having known Kerry Newsome for over 20 years (and a few more but lets not go there) and working with her as her Personal Assistant many years ago I am extremely excited to collaborate our knowledge and experiences to bring you the best of Vietnam!


As we have both travelled to Vietnam numerous times per year over the years we have seen many changes, experienced different seasons and spent time in this wonderful country during different cultural celebrations along with navigating mishaps which has allowed us to refine and recommend the best of the best, for an unforgettable experience….. jump aboard and let us cater a bespoke travel experience for you!  

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