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Travel Companion Services

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with Kelley McCarthy

Feel the difference a travel companion makes!

“One on one” companion services in Vietnam for individuals, small groups and families


Travel Companion services are becoming increasingly popular for travellers who value safety, comfort, and convenience.


There are many changes in life that can happen such as Health, Career, Grief and Relationship changes which makes you want to just ‘Get Away’ from it all.. But... YES the famous BUT. We don't all have the same calenders, health status, cheque account or lifestyles.

We know the value of a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience. So we want to open the door to Vietnam because we believe it has the right culture to achieve that.


What About Vietnam - Travel companion services "What's is all about".?


Safety - The safety of our clients is our number one priority. Firstly, from a familiarity standpoint, you should have come to know the operator and host of the What About Vietnam Podcast; Kerry Newsome. It is through her, and her partner Kelley McCarthy that we can make this happen.


Furthermore, the safety factor is reinforced by various measures such as we do background checks on staff, monitoring of the travel route, and emergency response protocols. We only work with local travel providers with a proven track record of safety and emergency protocols. Travellers should feel confident that they are in safe hands and have access to help should they need it.

Comfort -  We never underestimate the fact that this country can challenge us with our comfort levels. Bustling cities, mad with motorbikes, and heat exhaustion all play a role in travel in Vietnam. Its important we make our clients as comfortable as possible. This can be achieved through a variety of services, such as providing comfortable transportation, support with fatigue, luggage, moving walkways, lifts & escalators, hotels and providing refreshments. A friendly and professional demeanor on the part of your Travel Companion Director can also contribute greatly to a traveler's overall comfort level.


Convenience and local knowledge -  Our travel companion service aims to make travel as convenient as possible for its clients. If it’s just too hard, and it’s only going to bring stress and worry to the activity, we won’t be suggesting it. Back up support to this includes travelling with local guides, consultation with operators prior to trip planning design, and feedback from you. Then we leave the final decision after you have all the facts, to you. The goal is to make the travel experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Trust - Trust is a crucial component of a travel companion service. Clients should feel confident that the service will keep their personal information secure and will act in their best interests at all times. We have very clear policies and procedures in place to ensure that clients' privacy is protected and provide a travel checklist of to do’s such as: Get travel insurance, put medications in your carry on luggage and bring a medication list/letter from your doctor, travel light, wear quality shoes, have back up glasses (if needed), keep the bling at home and don’t promote on social media your away from home. Yes, Travel Companion preparation and assistance even begins before you start your journey!


Affordability - While quality and comfort are important, we appreciate a travel companion service, is a premium service. We are not going to be priced for everyone, we know that. However, we do offer competitive prices, flexible payment options, and a range of services to suit different budgets. We want you to feel that you are getting good value for money and that the services provided are well worth the cost.


Our Travel Companion services are best suited to:


Solo Travellers - Solo travellers often choose a Travel Companion service for added safety, comfort, and company on their trips. This type of service can provide peace of mind, prevent loneliness, stimulate positive thoughts and interactions, avoid social isolation and help the solo traveller make the most of their travel experience. In our case each one is assessed on their own merit for suitability and safety purposes.

Mature Travellers - Mature travellers may choose a Travel Companion service for assistance with transportation, support with technology such as self service devices in some locations, navigating unfamiliar destinations, and for companionship. This type of service can help ensure that mature travellers have a safe and enjoyable trip and enjoy their new found freedom. In the case of mature travelers with a disability of some kind, we would need to assess if our services are up to the appropriate standards to manage effectively. This would be done in the discovery session in initial consultation.


Business Travellers - Business travellers may choose a Travel Companion service to assist with logistics and provide a more comfortable and efficient travel experience. This type of service can help business travellers make the most of their time and focus on their business objectives.


Family Travellers - Family travellers may choose a Travel Companion service for assistance with navigating unfamiliar destinations, managing travel logistics, and ensuring that everyone has a safe and enjoyable trip. Sometimes as a family not everyone wants or is capable of doing all the same things at the same time. Sometimes it suits the family to have a Travelling Companion to help split up activities and allow for more scope of experiences and joy all round. This type of service can be tailored to suit, to help make family travel more stress-free and enjoyable for everyone involved.


In conclusion, The What About Vietnam Travel Companion Service can be tailored to your needs as we go through the discovery process from day 1- And that begins with an interview with our Director of TCS – Kelley McCarthy – Why not set one up today.


What About Vietnam Travel Services is devoting this kind of service as a key deliverable of its Podcast and Travel Business, and service to Tourism in Vietnam.

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