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  • Kerry Newsome

Discovering the Enchanting Flowers of Dalat, Vietnam: A Floral Paradise

Nestled amidst the lush highlands of Vietnam, the city of Dalat is a haven for nature lovers and enthusiasts of all things beautiful. Renowned for its picturesque landscapes and pleasant climate, Dalat boasts an impressive array of flowers that paint the city in vibrant colors throughout the year. From stunning gardens to vibrant markets, there's no shortage of places to immerse oneself in the captivating world of Dalat's flowers.

In our latest Podcast talking with Vicki Thai, we delve into some of the most memorable elements of her stay in Dalat. You can check out the whole Episode here

A little bit about The Everlastings that Kerry and Vicki discuss on the podcast.

The "Everlasting flowers", scientifically known as Helichrysum bracteatum, are a remarkable and cherished botanical feature of Vietnam's natural landscape. These unique flowers are commonly referred to as "everlastings" due to their ability to retain their vibrant colors, shape, and texture even after they have been harvested and dried. This exceptional trait has made them popular choices for various decorative and ornamental purposes, including flower arrangements, crafts, and even herbal remedies.

If you have never been to Dalat you will notice some very distinguishable differences about the city, in comparison to the rest of Vietnam. A stay here is made extra special if you have time to check out some of the lovely displays of flowers in and around the city and in many of the gardens that adorn hotels and local establishments.

In the podcast Vicki refers to Dalat's unique climate, with its cool temperatures and ample rainfall, it provides an ideal environment for a diverse range of flowers to flourish. As a result, the city has earned its moniker as the "City of Flowers" in Vietnam. Visitors can expect to encounter an array of both native and imported flowers, creating a breathtaking symphony of colors and fragrances that captivate the senses.

However, it may be the "mist" that accompanies some days while you visit that may give it some of its magical charm.

Prime Locations to Admire Flowers

What you can hope to see!

  1. Dalat Flower Park: A visit to the Dalat Flower Park is a must for anyone looking to be enveloped in a sea of blossoms. The park boasts an extensive collection of flowers, including roses, hydrangeas, and orchids. Each season brings a different set of blooms, ensuring that there's always something new and captivating to see. The park's annual Flower Festival, typically held in December, is a highlight that draws visitors from around the world.

  2. Valley of Love: Beyond its romantic reputation, the Valley of Love is also a botanical wonderland. Among the rolling hills and tranquil lakes, visitors can discover a variety of vibrant flowers, from colorful pansies to delicate daisies. The lush landscapes make this destination perfect for a leisurely stroll while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds you.

  3. Dalat Market: For a taste of local life and an opportunity to bring some of Dalat's floral charm back home, a visit to the Dalat Market is a must. Here, stalls are adorned with an assortment of fresh flowers, potted plants, and handcrafted floral arrangements. It's an excellent place to experience the local flower culture and purchase a piece of Dalat's beauty.

The Best Time to Visit

Dalat's flowers are a year-round spectacle, with different seasons showcasing varying blooms. However, to make the most of your floral adventure, consider planning your visit during these key times:

  1. Spring (January to March): During this time, the city comes alive with vibrant colors as various flowers, including peach blossoms and cherry blossoms, bloom. The Tet Festival (Lunar New Year) adds to the festive atmosphere, making it an ideal time to experience the city's culture and flowers.

  2. Summer (April to June): As temperatures rise, a plethora of exotic and tropical flowers come into full bloom, including roses, hydrangeas, and orchids. The Dalat Flower Festival, typically held in December every other year, is a grand celebration of the city's floral beauty.

  3. Autumn (September to November): The autumn months bring a sense of tranquility to Dalat's landscapes. Marigolds, chrysanthemums, and dahlias dominate the scenery, providing a soothing palette of warm hues.

Find out more about this amazing city from the podcast with the lovely Vicki Thai -


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