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3 Days 2 nights
Nurturing Wellness package

Hue – Vietnam
At Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion

Experience highlights

A 3day/ 2 night Nurturing wellness package at Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion is carefully crafted by. Kerry Newsome your Podcast Host and the Alba Wellness team:-

  • For people who are looking for a relaxing and healing retreat - in the truest sense.

  • For people seeking a tranquil atmosphere and the luxury of time to indulge in many spa treatments, meditations and soaking in hotsprings

  • For people who want to travel differently and avoid the crowds but still enjoy locally grown food and a heightened experience of Vietnamese culture

  • For those wishing to explore HUE local culture and cuisine in a relaxed and mindful way

This joyful experience will bring harmony and balance to your body – mind and well-being. 

This Nurturing Healing retreat at Alba Wellness Valley by Fusion has been designed and crafted with a desire to bring a meaningful journey back to your true self. This retreat is aimed at regenerating your wellbeing and setting you on a path of healthy living.

This joyful experience will bring harmony and balance on 3 key components: body – mind – soulful well-being, especially focusing on mental health.

What to expect during your stay

Body treatments

We encourage you to participate in and take advantage of the many treatments included in this Nurturing retreat.

· Cleansing your physical body through juicing and other healthy drinks (kombucha – fermented probiotic tea) along with vegetarian or healthy meals

· Indulge and pamper yourself through our exceptional spa treatments and authentic Japanese onsen.

· Boost your immune system by soaking in mineral rich outdoor hot springs

· Challenging yourself with our exciting outdoor experiences which include zipline and adventurous highwire circuits or hiking in the forest

· Organic cooking class at the farm with fresh picked vegetable and herbs

· Yoga classes and meditations taking advantage of the local springs and mindfulness spaces


  • Observe your breath and stay mindful with our wide range of meditation classes: water meditation, forest meditation barefoot, chakra healing meditation with candles, Rainbow shower meditation, qigong and yoga.

  • Learn something: A new way to cleansing, farming or creative crafts to help explore a new-you that you might have forgotten for a long time.

  • Get quality sleep, thanks to all these activities as well as tranquil and beautiful nature and fresh air

Soulful wellbeing

Even if you prefer to remain secluded and not follow any specific spiritual activity, you will still reduce your stress levels and discover a relief in your soul.

  • Spend time in nature: forest hiking, forest bathing and meditation to connect your inner emotions and feelings

  • Take time to give gratitude to nature earth, your friends and all the people surrounding you to make this a meaningful experience.

  • Be compassionate to yourself and others, by observing your breathing pattern, looking deep inside yourself, appreciating how lucky you are and discover caring for yourself before helping someone else, is a great way to discover true happiness

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14:00 Arrival, check in, healthy welcome drink with homemade kombucha

15:00 Resort Tour, Welcome & Hot Spring Knowledge

16:00 - 18:00  Onsen and Yin & Yang spa treatment

18:30 Healthy welcome dinner (Healthy Balance Dinner)

20:00 Wellness Turndown to be set up in guest’s room (Herbal  Detox Tea)


6:30 Celery Juice experience

7:00 Hiking to forest and cold stream biking to local villages, may visit wet market or churches

8:30 Healthy Breakfast anywhere

Free time, Zipline (included in the package)

11:00:  Yoga class (optional)

12:30 Cooking class by the farm

15:00 Onsen

15:40 Prana Vital Energy treatment

18:00 Early healthy dinner - optional if you choose intermittent fasting method

20:00 Chakra healing meditation

Wellness Turndown to be set up in guest’s room (Herbal Detox Tea)


6:30 Celery Juice experience

7:00 – 8:00 Water Purifications & water meditation

8:30 Breakfast anytime anywhere then check out

Hue Half Day City tour (optional) 9.30 – 1.30pm

Following breakfast you will be collected at the resort and taken for a “Discovery half day tour” of Hue. Our knowledgeable English speaking tour your guide will assist you to understand the history of Hue as the Imperial capital of Vietnam. You will be guided through the Citadel and you will visit many places of historic significance including one new place of startling beauty - Lebadang Memory Space -

Your guide will advise best place to enjoy local cuisine.

At the conclusion of the tour, you will then be taken to your final destination – Airport/train or hotel as per your preference.


  • Accommodation at Alba Wellness Resort by fusion

  • Breakfast anytime anywhere

  • Daily morning juices on day 2,3 and 4

  • 1 -Healthy dinner on day 1 with a healthy drink (non-alcohol)

  • 50 min Spa treatment/person/night

  • 30 min Onsen session/person/night

  • Unlimited outdoor hot spring bathing/ soaking

  • Daily Wellbeing follow up

  • Daily Wellness activity classes from yoga, meditation, breath, biking, hiking to revitalize and reinvigorate, reducing stress and resetting inner balance. (Complimentary)

  • Daily herbal tea turndown service

  • Water purification ritual on day 4


Validity: from 01 Apr 2022 – 31 Oct 2023 (black-out dates applied)

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