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Hoi An – Vietnam
STREETS Oodles Of Noodles

The VIP Noodle Tasting Tour

Experience Highlights

STREETS’ Oodles of Noodles Experience and the VIP Noodles Tasting Tours affords you the opportunity to learn all about Vietnamese noodles in a fun and engaging way.

● For people who are looking to learn how to cook

● For people who want to learn more about Vietnamese culture through their cuisine

● For those looking for a unique culinary experience that gives back to the local community and provides education for disadvantaged youth in Vietnam

● For foodies who love a bowl of tasty noodles that don’t come out of a packet

Vietnamese cuisine is famous for its unique and delicious noodle dishes. Vietnamese noodles are made entirely from rice, reflecting the country's abundant rice production. As a staple in Vietnamese street food and restaurants, noodles are an integral part of the local food culture. What sets Vietnamese noodles apart is their freshness, as they are typically used within a few days and are not mass-produced. This freshness is reflected in the dishes made with these noodles, which are loved by travelers and locals alike.

What To Expect

Multiple Options - All About The Noodles

There are multiple tour options that are perfect for anyone looking for a unique foodie experience. The Oodles of Noodles Experience is an hour-and-a-half, a unique experience centered around amazing Vietnamese noodles. Guests will meet and interact with Trainees. They will talk about the rich culture of HoiAn-style noodles. They will also make the noodles themselves, followed by a delicious lunch of the famous local Mi Quang noodles.

The VIP Noodles Tastings Tour is a three-hour interactive culinary experience that has something special for each guest. Trainees lead you through a local market to sample delicious street vendor noodles. Returning from the market tour, guests participate in a noodle demo and hands-on noodle making, followed by mouth watering local Mi Quang noodles.

As an interesting side note, one of the most fascinating aspects of Vietnamese noodles is their preparation process. You’ll learn all about that on this tour. In the markets, women known as "Noodle Ladies" make and sell a variety of homemade noodles. Hội An is famous for its authentic markets and the noodle ladies who sell fresh noodles there. What an amazing experience!

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The Oodles Of Noodles Experience Includes

$25 USD ( Receive 10% discount)

● Interaction with Trainees

● Learning About Vietnamese Culture and Noodles

● Learning To Make Noodles

● Delicious Lunch Provided

The VIP Noodle Tasting Tour Includes

$60 USD ( Receive 10% discount)

● Local Market Tour

● Noodle Sampling At Market

● Noodle Demo

● Hands-On Noodle Making

● Mi Quang Noodles

With the success of Oodles of Noodles, STREETS recently opened a brand new eatery, Noodle House, featuring “A Flight of Noodles.” This amazing dinner sampling features the three most iconic local rice noodle dishes; My Quang, Bun, and Cao Lau.

I did a show with founder Neal Bermas, Everything You Didn’t Know About Vietnamese Noodles, where Neal shared about STREETS and Oodles Of Noodles. Neal explains, “The noodles of Vietnam are quite different. They form the fabric of so many of the great Vietnamese foods that travelers love to experience here. Whether it is street food, or in the restaurants, noodles are really key to the fabric.”

This offer is good for 10% of the STREETS Noodle Tours.

Use the CODE – WAVN when you book and mention this podcast

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