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8 Tips for Vietnam travellers during TET

Episode 7

S1-07 8 Tips for travel during TET
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Today's episode is particularly special as we delve into the vibrant celebration of Tet, the Vietnamese New Year and what that means for Vietnamese and you as a traveller during this time period.
Drawing from my personal experiences in Vietnam, I've compiled 8 essential tips for travelers to help you navigate and appreciate Tet's rich traditions while planning your trip effectively.

Tet is a time of giving, gratitude, and family, marking the advent of spring and a fresh start. It's important to note that Tet dates vary each year according to the lunar calendar, with upcoming years being February 10th for 2024 (Year of the Dragon), February 29th for 2025 (Year of the Snake), and February 17th for 2026 (Year of the Horse).

In this show I highlight my most important tips for travellers to ensure they enjoy their stay during this time and manage their expectations.
Here are the TOP 8 tips”

1. Buy Travel Tickets Early: Tet sees a massive movement of people, so secure your travel tickets in advance to avoid being stranded.
2. Arrive Early for Departures: Expect long queues at transportation hubs, as many will be carrying gifts for their loved ones.
3. Carry All Travel Documentation: With skeleton staff during Tet, having all your paperwork in order is crucial for a smooth journey.
4. Manage Expectations: The lead-up to Tet is bustling, but actual Tet days can be very quiet with many places closed.
5. Check Hotel Services: Confirm with your accommodation which services will be available during Tet.
6. Use Facebook for Communication: Many businesses in Vietnam use Facebook to communicate with customers, especially during Tet.
7. Be Cautious with Restaurant Choices: Menus may be limited, and food freshness can vary due to supply disruptions.
8. Ensure You Have Enough Cash: Banks and ATMs may not be operational, so having cash on hand is essential.

Find out my own personal advice on how best to manage your travel arrangements. If you do plan your trip to be in Vietnam why not embrace the local customs, try traditional foods like chung cake or Tet cake, and learn a few festive greetings to show your respect and appreciation for Vietnamese culture.

For those planning a trip in 2024 or beyond, consider these insights to decide whether traveling during Tet aligns with your preferences. Personally, I prefer traveling before or after Tet to allow the Vietnamese to celebrate this significant time without the intrusion of tourism.
For more details and assistance with trip planning, check the show notes or reach out to me directly. Wishing you a fantastic travel experience in Vietnam!

Remember, Tet is not just a holiday; it's a profound cultural experience that offers a glimpse into the heart of Vietnam. Whether you choose to travel during this time or not, understanding and respecting the local traditions will undoubtedly enrich your journey.

See future years, dates and Zodiac signs in the table.

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