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Chilling out in Vietnam's most liveable city - Danang

Episode 16

Chilling out in Vietnam's most liveable city - Danang
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Danang has really come of age! One could say the "Age of living better", as todays guest Jonathan Kiely offers up his insights into the chilled out vibes of Danang.

A fun Irish lad who left Ireland in search of adventure and who found himself drawn to the beachside city of Danang where he has decided, he might just settle for a bit, as he rates it as one of the best “Chilled out” cities he has ever visited.

Jonathan left his high pressure job in Ireland to go traveling. He landed in Vietnam and despite the Covid Pandemic he opted to stay on and live the life of “Riley” so to speak as an Expat.

A year and a half on, Jonathan gives us his version of Vietnam and his experience of Danang and the local community which he has found an affinity with through various health and well being programs.

He raves about the people and the environment in which you can explore your own creativity. Plus, you can SURF.

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