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Discover culture and history through Vietnamese food

Episode 19

Discover culture and history through Vietnamese food
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When some people talk about Vietnam they say “It's all about the food”, and while that is partially true because it’s so fantastic. Wouldn't you like to know about the different flavours and influences between the North and the South, and some of the reasons why it tastes so good?

My guest Monika Czerveniak has this knowledge and love of Vietnamese food, its people and culture in "spades". If it’s possible to hear "passion" in a voice, and I believe it is, then Monika's tell-all tales about Vietnamese cuisine will excite and delight you.

As a prominent food blogger & food presenter, she runs Chowdown Vietnam Food Tour and beyond that, in her spare time, she is the face and creator behind Fearless Cooking Classes and Workshops in Hoi An, Vietnam, Vancouver, BC, Canada and pretty much wherever her taste buds will let her go.

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