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Explore Mai Chau and its threaded history

Episode 5

Explore Mai Chau and its threaded history
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Mai Chau is an up and coming place of interest in Vietnam and one I had the privilidge of visiting a few years ago. Howveer my guest Cynthia Mann is a regular visitor to this region and amongst the craziness of 2020, she was able to do a quick trip there to purchase new fabrics and items for her showroom called Future Traditions.

Now Mai Chau is one of those places a little off the grid. About three hours out of Hanoi, but it is absolutely wonderful experience. Specially if you are looking for a place in Vietnam that is steeped in the history of local minority groups; Mainly the the Hmong people and the Thai people in particular.

Cynthia has some lovely aspects to share in this episode so I hope you will love hearing about this very up and coming tourist location with a very eco style to it.

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