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Travel to Vietnam opening up - The inside story

Episode 14

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As the doors to Vietnam begin to open to travel after months of being closed, our eyes and ears are keenly focused on what the entry conditions will be. Most importantly for international travellers, as the doors to us have been closed since March 2020.

In this Episode which is Part 1 - of a 3 part series, I am fortunate to have Miquel Angel on the program as Head of the Human Resources & Quality working group inside the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board, a private entity advising the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam.

Miquel joins the podcast as my guest shortly after meeting with the Ministry which announced that they would open 5 provinces being:- Phu Quoc Island, Danang, Khanh Hoa Province the home to Nha Trang city, Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh Province, and Hoi An in Quang Nam province; under very strict conditions.

What these conditions of entry are, and how they roll is what this Episode is focused on.

Miquel, a Catalan citizen, originally from 100 km north of Barcelona resides in Ho Chi Minh City. He is highly regarded in the circle of government and it is a great pleasure to have him on the show.

Disclaimer: Please note this podcast is not to be taken in any way as a formal news release or announcement from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam. The information shared in this Podcast by the Guest and Host, are related to publicly released documents and are the private opinions of both people.

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