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Travelling to Vietnam part 2 - How much time do you need

Episode 15

S3-15 Travel time in Vietnam P2
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In this Episode we explore the value of time on a holiday in Vietnam.

This is part 2 - with Miquel Angel.

While we discussed in Part 1, the aspects of travel opening up to 5 provinces from November 2021. In this Part 2, we expand the travel opening conversation and unpack the normal trip duration of 14 days, to see the main destinations. From this starting point we discover the highlights and lowlights impacted by how much time you have in each place.

Miquel and I share many funny anecdotal experiences that are definitely impacted by how much time you have and how wisely you use that in each destination you go to.

During the episodes (Part 2 &3) we flesh out the typical experiences of this 14 day trip and how they could be better managed if the focus was on particular regions ie The South, Central, Highlands and Northern regions.

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