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Mui Ne - Beach bliss kitesurfing and sand dunes

Episode 17

S3-17 Mui Ne Beach bliss experiences
00:00 / 37:20

Mui Ne - A sun kissed piece of paradise that offers an amazing contrast of experiences.

This idyllic location will blow you away literally as the winds bring thousands each year to kitesurf. This, alongside adventure lovers on dune buggies on white and red sand dunes will have you believing for an instant you are in the Sahara desert. But only for a milli second. Its more recent badge is for being one of the worlds top 10 beach locations.

I am joined in this episode with Nikki Cornish from the Sailing Club Resort Mui Ne. A gorgeous resort set right on the beach. A sneak peak of the resort and the hero image is featured on the show's website page here.
Nikki is a delightful guest and you will love hearing her talk about this place that she has obviously come to love. Her insights and knowledge of the town, climate and experiences there will help you decide if its the place for you.

Find out all you need to know to enjoy this beautiful destination only 4 hours from HCMC.

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