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Learn "special dietary requirements" in Vietnamese

Episode 20

S3-20 Learn "special dietary needs"
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What do you really need to know how to say in Vietnamese?

That's a hard one to guess ahead of your visit I know, but if you have special dietary requirements you might like to save, download and print the transcript.

In Episode 1 of this 3 part series, we start with greetings, because that’s where all polite conversations start. But, what’s the right word to politely summons a waiter?

What About if you don’t eat or like spicy food? Do you have gluten free? Vegetarian?

These are just some of the words we take for granted back home, but try saying them in Vietnamese when you really need to?

Ha Dam is my guest and the girl helping us both speak Vietnamese when it is most needed. Check out this video she did with a few years ago (click right).

In todays’ episode we cover the restaurant setting where you or your travelling companion is wanting to summons a waiter or needs to make some special food requests to safeguard themselves for health reasons.

This is particularly important for children and those that experience allergic reactions.

NOTE: This is not to be used as a training tool to learn how to speak Vietnamese.

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