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Learn best words to use for "shopping" in Vietnam

Episode 21

S3-21 Learn "shopping words"
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Shopping in Vietnam is “awesome” on so many levels.

And while it may sound obvious - knowing some phrases or a few words in Vietnamese can really make the experience even more fun.

In this episode (part 3) Ms Ha and I expand on the “game” of shopping or bartering, as Ha gives us some keys words to use to help you get the item you want, at the best price.

Because lets face it. That's what we want, right?

This is the last in the 3 part series on language as we have covered “Greetings” in part 1, “Dietary requirements” in part 2, and in this one we finish it off where you will learn some of the artistic language skills to use when “Shopping”.
Simple phrases like - What is the “best price”?. “Too much” !

If you'd like to dig a little deeper to an expanded version of "Shopping in Vietnam "check out the episode (Series 2, Episode 2). This is one of the most popular in the series.

Even if you don’t like shopping, the markets is a must to visit as this is where the heart and soul of the people lives. See locals bargain, share gossip, laugh and enjoy the whole experience.
It makes shopping in a supermarket look very boring.

You will love this final episode with Ms Ha, as it is a nice quick one and easy to follow.

My thanks to Ms Ha again for her patience and wonderful skills in making the learning of Vietnamese so easy. To see her shopping click on the Link to the right.

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