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Vietnam's Phong Nha Caves - in depth

Episode 22

S3-22 Phong Nha Caves in depth
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Phong Nha as a location, is fast becoming the major draw card to Vietnam for adventure seekers. If its magical scenery and surprisingly clean and green flourishing forests you are seeking, then you will want to give some serious thought to Phong Nha caves.

It has been said, passing through the different caves, that the stunning landscapes will make you believe the myths about fairies, and magical kingdoms, while the magnificent scenery will continue to enchant you. And let's not forget the enormity of some of them. Some are big enough to fit skyscrapers in.

My guest on the show, is Howard Limbert. Howard has been caving for 32 years and was part of the leadership team which discovered Son Doong, in 2009. Just in case you didn't know, this cave is now touted as the largest cave on the planet. I was fortunate to catch up with Howard and he has a great way of describing the caves in such a way that you feel you are already there. OR, it is something you'd love to experience.

There are literally hundreds of caves and a tour variety for all types of explorers.

This show covers the main Oxalis run tours, that operate over 1,2,3 and 4 days.

It covers EVERYTHING you need to know to make a smart choice for you and your group.

Photos by Click on the link to the right to see the Oxalis video.

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