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The Ha Giang Loop - Vietnams final frontier

Episode 5

S3-05 Ha Giang Loop
00:00 / 30:17

In this episode we take you to the Ha Giang Loop - with my guest - Tom Stone.

“The Ha Giang Loop”, as it is referred to on many a travel website and Instagram page is a region of approximately 350Km located in north Vietnam. About 5 hours drive or 300kms from Hanoi.
It is commonly referred to as a bike riders paradise. One of the most photographed scenery of the whole loop, is the Ma Pi Leng Pass which links the towns of Dong Van and Meo Vac, and is carved into the side of the mountains.

My guest Tom Stone, who now lives in the main town says “If you are prepared to make the journey”, you won’t be disappointed.”

Tom has been running tours in the Ha Giang region for nearly 12 years.
Find out :-
- What to expect on “The loop”
- Forms of transport
- Best times of year to travel
- Considerations when booking a tour
- Accommodation misconceptions

Its a big episode talking about a big area ….definitely worth checking out.

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