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Street life experiences in Hanoi through the lens of a camera

Episode 9

S3-09 Photographic experiences
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Hanoi, where the old and the new live side by side. A city rich in history and culture and yet bursting at the seams to change.

Whether you decide to walk the streets or ride a bike to get around it, there are some great tips you should listen to, for when you visit.

My guest, Lavonne Bosman, decided to visit Vietnam for the purpose of capturing what she calls “disappearing worlds”.

Lavonne, is a South African born, Photographic Artist.

Her passion is travelling the world and capturing places and people in the midst of rapid development. In her words, it’s about finding the art of “disappearing worlds” as we know it. In my opinion her work is insightful and unpretentious. Make sure you check it out.

Lavonne landed in Hanoi in 2019 and while teaching English since her arrival she has been expanding her portfolio with the street culture of the city. She has an exceptional portfolio of work which you can access through the links below and photo postcard booklet, which is simply divine and it can be purchased here...

You can order direct from or via Facebook:.

If you would like to support Lavonne in her quest to continue photographing the city of Hanoi:

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