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Hanoi is a foodies paradise - Part 2

Episode 10

S4-10 Hanoi A Foodies Paradise P2
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This is Part two of the series talking with Corrin Carlson, from #thefatpassport Tik Tok fame. Please welcome her back to the program.

Corrin Carlson is a prime example of someone who got swooped up by Hanoi’s chaotic diversity and charm. However, while she loves the city,... this show….is without a doubt “all about the food".  The dishes. The places to enjoy food. And the districts to visit to expand your culinary horizons. 

Find out what is truly distinct about Northern Vietnamese cuisine in this episode of the What About Vietnam Podcast.

It is a show brimming with lots of helpful and cool information including answers to some of those tough questions related to food that both her and I get asked all the time. Make sure to check out the transcripts for all of the amazing details! 

Time stamps to help guide you through the show.

3.17 – Frequently asked questions about travel in Vietnam
7.50 – How to best manage your digestive system while trying crazy good food
8.22 – “Sit down” restaurants – Tay Ho and Ho Kiem Lake area
10.39 – Best Afternoon Tea
13.13 – The story behind KOTO restaurant – Social Enterprise favourite
14.47 – Rooftop Bars
16.19 – Bia Hoi food and fun Hanoi
19.53 – Craft Brews to try Hanoi
23.37 – Coffee making class – the story behind Egg Coffee
27.17 – Shopping – some tips on districts to explore
30.07 – Best time to visit Hanoi – Corrin’s recommendation

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