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Revisiting Vietnam post Covid - First impressions

Episode 11

S4-11 Revisiting Vietnam
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Finally, as your host of the What About Vietnam podcast, it's my turn to revisit Vietnam and check it out for myself.

In this show I share with you my experience from leaving Australia to arriving into Vietnam. My first visit back since March 2020.

I share what the travel experience is like entering the country?  How does it feel? 
What are my first impressions? Has HCMC changed and where are the changes most noticeable.

Plus, my first time back in Vietnam would not be complete without me sharing with you my welcome back into Hoi An.

I likewise share with you my take on getting around Saigon; Best insights into the coffee culture and just how it feels being a minority in the domestic traveller demographic.

If you want to hear first-hand just how easy it is to travel in Vietnam in September, 2022, then this is the show for you. Straight from the horse’s to speak!

Time stamps to help guide you through the episode: 

00.38   The Visa process in action
04.24   Arriving into Vietnam – what to expect
06.17   The domestic travel experience
08.03   HCMC – most significant changes 
09.52   Getting around HCMC
13.27   Dining out and the coffee scene Saigon
17.32   Hoi An – Welcoming me back

Mentioned in the show the A by Tung restaurant To get a little more in depth about Fine Dining in Vietnam check out The Fine Dining Episode with Raj Taneja here

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