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Ninh Binh - The mystical rival to Halong Bay

Episode 16

S4-16 Mystical Ninh Binh
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Ninh Binh stands out in more ways than one if you set your compass to the north of Vietnam. Located 60 miles south of Hanoi lies this magical, almost mystical province featuring mountainous peaks and a labrynth of waterways inviting you to explore its many viewpoints.

Sharp limestone peaks, shoot up from the ground reminiscent of what you might see doing the same thing out of water, in Halong Bay. Which explains why they often refer to it as the Ha Long Bay on land. It is by all accounts Halong Bay’s mystical rival.

My guest, Jack Taylor joins me on the show. His talents lie in the skilful way he has captured the essence of the region in his videos. Jack, an English teacher by profession has been travelling and living abroad for most of his adult life. You must check out his You Tube channel “I go cool places”.

As you will see in Jack’s video of Ninh Binh the outstanding beauty and serenity are breathtaking.
Jack does a great job in giving us some handy tips for staying in the region, what are the best times to visit and some of “The Must Do” things. I hope you enjoy the show.

I wanted to wrap up the year of 2022 and go out with a bang, and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it.

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and safe and prosperous New Year. See you in 2023.

Time Stamps:-
8.14 How best to describe Ninh Binh
9.45 How long should you stay
11.19 Must do things
15.16 The cave system
18.00 Foods unique to the region
19.57 How to spend your time wisely
20.10 The stand out experience
21.27 Best accommodation in nature

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