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Life changing experience for a singer songwriter

Episode 20

S4-20 Life changer for singer songwiter
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In today’s show we explore Vietnam and the high hopes of a young traveller, singer and songwriter, who through his love of adventure and music found himself falling in love with Vietnam and its people.
Our guest Luke Webster talks about his travels and how he found himself enjoying a more relaxed pace, with happy smiling people and welcoming feelings of family and home.

He describes the sensory overload that hit him when he first arrived, and the beauty and serendipitous happenings that steered him to create the kind of music he had been wanting to make all his life.

Singer Songwriter, music teacher; Luke has written and recorded an album of his original music in Hoi An, Vietnam. He studied English Literature at Uni, then went on to do 3 Camp America seasons and two Ski seasons in France.

At the age of 23 he took a leap of faith and flew to Vietnam on a one-way ticket; met a musician from Israel and formed a band in Hoi An called The Langurs. Details of his Album soon to be released on Spotify will be provided below. He gigged continuously throughout the COVID years, also teaching guitar, piano, singing, Ukelele, and drums to expats in Hoi An.

After exploring the north, Hanoi and Cat Ba, he describes falling in love all over again in Hoi An. The vibe of this old town (or country town as he calls it) including the beach area of An Bang began to open doors to allow him to perform regularly and cfrat his own style and repertoire of music to an ever increasing local following.

Luke speaks to all of us who recognise the value of travel and especially to places where the culture is foreign to your own. He talks about how traveling and working things out as you go develops you as a person, and how it can broaden the mind to think outside the box.
I am sure you will resonate with Luke’s openness and honesty.

Make sure to look out for his album to be released in April 2023.

Luke Webster - Facebook - https://www.facebook

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