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A fun guide to droning in Vietnam - Photos Part 3

Episode 25

S4-25 A fun Guide to droning - Photos Part 3
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Are you a drone enthusiast planning to visit Vietnam? Or do you have a general interest in drone photography. Either way you won't want to miss this episode where my guest Anton, a local drone enthusiast, shares his tips and experiences on drone use in the country. Along with some humorous tales of motor bike riding in Vietnam.

Anton, known as 'Alright Anton' from his YouTube channel is able to share with us his insights and tips on how to simplify the process of using drones for non-commercial purposes.  He shares very real circumstances that can impact your drone flying success in some locations; and you will laugh hysterically at the stories he shares containing birds, wind and avoiding mountains.

The big tip: - Stick to avoiding 'no fly' zones and you won't have any problems.

For the real amateurs like myself I share some of my own experiences with my DJI Mavic Pro 3, and how travelling with this camera can cause some challenges. However, with some forethought, and proper planning, these can easily be overcome.

It's a fun show as in addition to Anton's droning experiences he shares his genuine love of places like Ninh Binh, Ha Giang, and Sapa and while some of his travel stories are scary, his tales are very amusing.

This is Part 3 of the mini series of Photography, which I hope you are enjoying and will keep for reference and share with other interested travellers.

Please check out Anton's work here, truly worthwhile :-

Alright Anton's YouTube page:

Alright Anton's Instagram page:

This is the drone Anton uses:

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