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Hanoi is a foodies paradise - Part 1

Episode 9

S4-09 Hanoi A Foodies Paradise P1
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When you think of Hanoi, do you automatically think of food? Probably not, but after you have a listen to this 2 Part Series, you may very well change your mind! You may even decide to spend more time in Vietnam’s capital city to explore its rich culture, history, labyrinth of tiny streets in the old quarter and, of course, its hearty food.

My guest on today’s show is a prime example of someone who got swooped up by the city’s chaotic diversity and charm. However, while she loves the city this show….it is without a doubt “all about the food. The dishes. The places to enjoy food. And the districts to visit to expand your culinary horizons.

Find out what is truly distinct about Northern Vietnamese cuisine in this episode of What About Vietnam Podcast.

Let me tell you a little about my guest Corrin Carlson.

Starting from her home in the U.S. Corrin let her passport lead the way to a working holiday in NZ. From there she navigated her way around SE Asia finally landing in Hanoi in about 2019. Before she knew it, a month had been extended to 3 months. Then Covid hit. However, for Corrin that meant work opportunities popped up, and a special someone who won her heart. Eventually, she found herself in Hanoi for 3 years.

During her time in Vietnam, as a talented actress, she applied her skills to produce the very popular “The Fat Passport” Tik Tok and Instagram pages, sharing her “Plates of Hanoi” with her many followers.

This is a show brimming with lots of helpful and cool information including answers to some of those tough questions related to food that both her and I get asked all the time. Make sure to check out the transcripts for all of the amazing details! And don’t forget to tune into Part 2 to follow!

Time stamps for your easy reference:

07.29 – Best areas for Tourists to head to
08.20 – Tay Ho Lake district – Broadening your horizons
12.28 – Casual Dining – Plates of Hanoi
14.37 – Famous Hanoi Districts
16.58 – The vegetarian options
21.03 – Street food you wont want to miss
27.19 – Chicken street
29.05 – One dog of a question we get asked all the time

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