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S5-E10 Out and About in Saigon - the Uncut Edition

Episode 10

S5-E10 Out and About in Saigon - the Uncut Edition
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Welcome to the premiere of "What About Vietnam" – the Uncut Edition!

This marks the second instalment of our Out & About mini-series, where I, Kerry Newsome, along with the ever-adventurous Kelly McCarthy, take you on a journey through the vibrant streets of Saigon. Get ready for a deeply personal and unforgettable experience as we share candid anecdotes and insider tips. From quirky mishaps to heart-warming moments, we're laying it all bare – glitches and all.

From laughable moments to unforgiving encounters, we navigate the uncharted territories that guidebooks overlook with frankness and open sharing. Our goal? To inform, enlighten, and hopefully bring a smile to your face.

So join us on this adventure as we uncover the hidden treasures of Saigon, one smile at a time!

[00:02:35] Breakfast options in Saigon.
[00:08:03] Exploring Saigon's main shopping centres
[00:11:58] Shopping centre food options.
[00:16:51] Concept stores and local goods.
[00:20:31] The underwear essentials.
[00:23:14] Tailoring tips and experiences.
[00:30:41] Foodie Havens in Saigon.
[00:32:16] Trying international cuisine in Vietnam.
[00:42:01] Book Street discovery.
[00:46:02] Dental check up
[00:49:29] Hair and beauty challenges in Vietnam.
[01:02:12] The importance of SIM cards.
[01:05:27] Currency exchange tips.

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