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S5-E11 Out and About in Ho Tram Vietnam

Episode 11

S5-E11 Out and About in Ho Tram Vietnam
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The “Out & About in Vietnam” series continues with Kelley McCarthy and I deciding to go in search of a beach escape from Saigon for chilling out and pure relaxation.

In this latest instalment we're exploring a different kind of vacation experience—one where the hotel itself is the main destination. It's been an idea of mine for a while to explore this kind of getaway, focusing on a pure relaxation destination within close reach of Saigon.

Our destination is Hồ Tràm, located about 125 kilometres from Saigon. Just a 2-hour shuttle bus trip away. Our home away from home for this trip is the stunning Melia Ho Tram Beach Resort. ( Please note this is an unpaid review)
While Hồ Tràm is known for its golf course, namely The Bluffs Ho Tram, Kelley and I are here to indulge in the luxuries of a resort vacation. We're faced with the delightful dilemma of choosing between lounging by the infinity pool overlooking the beach, pampering ourselves with day spa treatments, or simply enjoying cocktails by the shore.

Throughout the episode, we highlight the romantic ambiance of the resort, perfect for couples seeking a getaway or even a picturesque spot for a proposal. From intimate dining experiences to leisurely walks on the beach, the Melia Ho Tram offers a serene setting for quality time together.

But we don't forget about families either. We discuss the amenities available for kids, including the kids' club, and how the resort's accessibility features make it suitable for all guests, including those with mobility impairments.

One of the standout features we touch upon is the affordability of the resort, especially when opting for mid-week packages that include meals. By choosing a half-board package, guests can enjoy breakfast and dinner at the resort, making it a cost-effective yet luxurious experience.
In essence, this episode showcases the beauty of a vacation where the focus is solely on relaxation and unwinding, without the need for additional excursions or activities. 
So, grab your favorite drink and join us as we escape to Ho Tram.

[00:06:29] The importance of relaxation.
[00:09:32] The best day spa experience.
[00:14:37] Affordable dining options and packages
[00:25:14] Exploring the culture and cuisine.

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