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S5-E12 Out and About in Mui Ne - Laying bare the winds of change

Episode 12

S5-E12 Out and About in Mui Ne - Laying bare the winds of change
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Here I am, "Out & About in Mui Ne," determined to share with you my findings as experienced through my eyes.  It's a down-to-earth exploration of Mui Ne's hidden treasures and unique vibe. This is as authentic as it gets!

Drawing inspiration from a previous episode  S3- E17 I did with Nikki Cornish, I set out to explore this famous beachside location, known for its luxurious resorts like the Sailing Club Resort and its unique sand dune landscape.

An Instagram favourite known to be very popular with travelling Russians, it is just a short three-hour drive away from the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks to improved highways, reaching Mui Ne was a breeze. I cover other other transportation options like trains and buses on the show however I opted for a private driver due to the bulk of luggage I had in tow.

Lets just say, we let the winds be our guide to an interesting stay.
The must see tourist attractions covered are:

• The Sand Dunes
• The Fairy Stream
• The Lighthouse

I hope the detail I provide helps you with your trip planning.
My stay gets very personal to me,  as we visit a close friend's family farm near Phan Thiet, providing a firsthand glimpse into Vietnam's agricultural heart. Having a local friend show us around made all the difference during our stay. This intimate connection not only enhanced our exploration of local seafood cuisine but also deepened our understanding of Vietnamese culture and the city's main population. Without my friend Linh’s guidance, I can candidly say we would have missed a lot. Her insights added layers of meaning to our experiences, turning an ordinary trip into a rich journey of discovery. 
She really made the trip for me and she took the role as guide for the 3 days we were there.

Travel Tip:- Mui Ne is not as Westerner-friendly as other cities, with a strong Russian presence and limited English-speaking locals. I advise doing research or consulting with a Travel agent or Guide to make the most of your visit. Or get in touch with yours truly to plan your Vietnam holiday complete.

01:00 - Inspiration for Visiting Mui Ne

02:18 - First Impressions /Getting There

03:57 - The wind factor/ Accommodation Tips

05:44 - Tourist Attractions 

12:34 - How long to stay 

20:31 - Mui Ne's ideal tourist

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