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S5-E5 Hai Van Pass Experience from a seasoned traveller

Episode 5

S5-E5 Hai Van Pass Experience from a seasoned traveller
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When you start researching Vietnam for your holiday, especially if you have an interest in motorbike rides and scenic routes, it won’t take you long before you come across the famous Hải Vân Pass (Đèo Hải Vân)

The Hải Vân Pass is a legendary motorbike route located in central Vietnam. This scenic route gained attention from the BBC and the Top Gear crew in 2008, further solidifying its reputation as a must-visit destination for motorbike enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

The Hải Vân Pass is not only famous for its scenic beauty but also for its historical significance as it was a crucial route during the Vietnam War, connecting the north and south of the country. Today, it serves as a symbol of Vietnam's resilience and progress.

To gain more insights into the Hai Van Pass, I had the opportunity to speak with Chris Moonie, a seasoned traveller and media professional. Chris has been living in Vietnam for over eight years and has explored the Hải Vân Pass multiple times. His firsthand experiences and deep understanding of the area make him an excellent source of information for anyone planning to visit this iconic route.

Together, Chris and I explore all the ways you can experience this incredible route. And guess what? Traveling by motorbike isn't the only option, so there's something for everyone.

Chris's journey to Vietnam began in 2013 when he visited Hoi An with his son. He fell in love with the country and its people, particularly the charm of Hoi An. Chris's connection to Vietnam deepened as he met a special lady during his visit, further cementing his decision to relocate to Hoi An. Since then, he has been living in An Bang, a small village that has transformed into a vibrant tourist destination just out of Hoi An.

Overall, the Hải Vân Pass offers up Instagram heaven, however for me it is the unique stops along the way, such as the oyster farms and Dream Springs that make the Hải Vân Pass a super day’s excursion, and a must-visit destination for motorbike enthusiasts and those seeking to explore Vietnam's rich culture and history.

In summary, the switch backs will set your heart racing but the views are next level!

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