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S5-E8 – Empowering the Traveller to fight Human Trafficking

Episode 8

S5-E8 – Empowering the Traveller to fight Human Trafficking
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Join us for an insightful journey into the pressing issue of human trafficking in Vietnam, and discover how, as a traveller, you have the ability to effect real change.

In this episode, I'm joined by Kim Miller, who offers firsthand insights into the challenges and the remarkable efforts undertaken by "Blue Dragon" (see link below), an organization dedicated to combatting human trafficking. As a listener, you'll gain a profound understanding of the poverty and vulnerabilities that fuel human trafficking, along with practical guidance on recognizing and responding to situations where individuals are exploited or in need of assistance.

We start off by talking about Kim’s experiences of Vietnam since 2016—Kim shares her deep affection for Vietnam, recounting her experiences living there and highlighting her favorite Vietnamese cuisines like "Phở chiên phồng" (see link below) and destinations you may not have heard about just outside of Hanoi called – "Ho Dong Do lake district" (see link below).

Kim shares her bold ambition of raising $200,000 by swimming the English Channel this July to support "Blue Dragon's vital community initiatives". (See link below).
Tune in as she outlines actionable steps travellers can take to aid vulnerable individuals they encounter. From simply reaching out or alerting organizations like Blue Dragon, travellers can ensure prompt assistance for those in need, empowering them to play an active role in combating human trafficking.

This is an episode that I'm confident will offer you valuable insights and takeaways.

Finally, you are one click away from supporting "Kim's cause" (see link below), please check the link here and let’s unite in making a positive impact during our journeys through Vietnam.

To date, Blue Dragon has: 
Rescued 1,431 people from trafficking
Represented 261 people in court cases
Sent 6,314 kids back to school & training 
Provided shelter to 1,668 girls & boys 
Placed 445 teens in jobs 
Served 672,359 meals 
Built 262 homes for families 
Reunited 769 runaways with their families 
Obtained legal papers for 13,544 people 

Blue Dragon

"Phở chiên phồng"

"Ho Dong Do lake district"

"Blue Dragon's vital community initiatives"

"Kim's cause"

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